Join us on Sunday, September 21, at Lakeview United Church, 3023 63 Avenue, Calgary, SW. Services will be from 2:00-3:30pm.

September 21: DVD "With God On Our Side"
September 28: "Four Men of Godly Character"


1) Sunday, October 12: Thanksgiving Theme Service & Supper. Sign up at the Bulletin Table for the food you would like to bring. Let Joe Kitt know if you would like to contribute to the service.

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Living Grace Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta - a Real Church for Real People.

Living Grace Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta

Our lives are all a complex history of joys and disasters, what matters most is how we deal with the present, not the past. We believe in a God who is relevant to our everyday circumstances and who cares about both our joys and our disasters.

Many at Living Grace Fellowship have walked down the path of religious legalism and exclusivism; we have seen, first-hand, the ugly nature of condemnation and "holier than thou" attitudes, and we have also seen the gentleness, forgiveness, and patience of God's Grace. That's why we can confidently invite you to worship with us, to learn & grow with us, because the journey is just as important as the destination.

Our doors are always open to welcome visitors and guests. You'll feel at home and you will leave inspired.

If we can answer any questions, or assist you further in your walk towards Grace, please feel free to call in confidence, 403.851.0558, or email pastor Colin.


Our Mission

Mission: Living and Sharing the Gospel
Local Purpose: To edify, inspire, and equip Saints to live to their fullest Spirit-filled human potential in order to do works of service in the Ministry of Reconciliation.